The new site is coming along nicely and we are now in the process of prepping all the new content. We are making a call for all content from Preston and Steve, WMMR, y100 and even farther back if you can get it. You can upload up to 7 MB at a time on or email up to 20MB to [email protected]. If you have more content than that please leave a comment or email me and we can arrange a better method. Also the above image a little preview of the new site.

  1. Your site gets me through the work day since I cant get come preston and steve's website. The podcasts help the day go by so much faster.

    But where is the new content? I'm dying over here…

  2. Jordan and I will be working on updating the site soon, with the updated pictures, AND the podcasts archive update. Life has been hectic for both so SOON, I promise!!

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