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Undivided is available now on Vimeo on Demand, see it online first before it hits the streaming outlets:

Visit the films facebook page, CLICK HERE!

Coming soon to:
Playstation Store
and more!

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09 Jun 2014

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Sorry about the podcast’s from the last two weeks first, I posted the episodes but they were marked private, they now work! Also this week is updated as well! If you go through the archive past 2013, all episodes should work, just scroll to and then click the play button underneath the descriptions! I have tested SEVERAL of them and they are working. IF you have any specific podcast only issues, email me [email protected]

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10 Feb 2014

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Sorry for the issues with the site lately. We are currently working on rebuilding parts of the site and due to the amount of content it take a lot of work to make happen.

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09 Jan 2014

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Preston And Steve Alum ( as I call it) Craig Liggeons has another live show THIS FRIDAY! The show gets great and hilarious reviews and tickets are only $10 bucks, $15 at the door. More information by clicking here and ENJOY THE SHOW

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If you used this site and you are out of state and/or unable to make it to the 2013 Campout For Hunger Click the link below and make a monetary donation to Philabundance THROUGH the Campout


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Please go see THE ONE, THE ONLY, CRAIG LIGGEONS this weekend and in December for Five Minute Follies Each act is 5 minutes long, then onto the next act. A great show for LITTLE cost. Support CRAIG and the rest of the cast and crew of FMF! Order tickets ahead of time for $15 or walk up at the door for $18!!


http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/442336 – TICKETS!!

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My buddies over at Combat Zone Wrestling are having a show and IPPV this very Saturday called Night Of Infamy. At the show they are having a booth set up specifically to take Donations for the Upcoming 2013 Campout For Hunger. Any wrestling fans out there who aren’t aware, OR WHO ARE, Please go support CZW and at the same time PLEASE Bring some Canned goods and/or non perishable food items and donate to the CZW Campout For Hunger donations!

For those who do NOT know, CZW has been locally run for over 10 years and known worldwide for their amazing talent and ultraviolence! Not for the kiddies!! Please support by going to the show THIS Saturday at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ. Tickets only 20.00 More info can be found here: CZW: CampOut For Hunger Donations!

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10 Oct 2013

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FOR THE RECORD, Prestonandsteve.com has recently changed their podcasts to Chapters. Here at this site, I will be uploading the podcasts as they used to be, as one file, in order in one Daily Feed. Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

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Big SHOUT OUT to Ed Renfro, a huge supporter of the site who has updated MOST if not ALL of the “Best OF’ Episodes by himself.

If there is a podcast out there that doesn’t have a description, please comment it and I will updated ASAP

ALSO, in the very near future there will be a huge update on the Podcast interface, that will be for the BETTER. It will look and play MUCH BETTER! I shall keep ya all updated!


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