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  1. Thanks for the update! I came to download a few more as I’m working my way through and got scared when they weren’t available! Thought they were gone for good! 😉

  2. Glad to hear it’s being worked on! I was getting worried when I couldn’t download anything! Liking the site updates so far, by the way!

  3. i really love that you do this.. i very much appreciate it.. but i REALLY ABSOLUTELY HATE soundcloud.. i really wish you went back to the old way of listening to them. soundcloud sucks.

  4. Hello. Thank you so much for such an amazing site!!! You are a life saver when I slack and don’t download podcasts in time before they are off the WMMR wesbite.

    Question – am I looking at the 1/21/15 wrong – or is there an issue with this one? Thank you for your help with this. : )

      1. Thanks Dan for all you do. It’s probably not easy maintaining it all. I have all of the more current 2014/2015 podcasts, and I have all of the 2005 up to September of 06. I’m working my way through them. It gives me hours of entertainment. So thanks. I’ll keep checking back.

    1. Done, thank you so much for the donations. I am working backwards and try to meet you there. I am doing the best I can. Again the support is GREATLY appreciated!

  5. Are the older podcasts gone for good? Is there anyway to get them? Can we send in a DVD? I donated money and would donate more to get all of the older ones, so I could create a podcast on my local file server. Please let me know.

  6. Hey Dan, any word on how it’s coming along? I was in the process of downloading all the podcasts, and listening to them in the car or coming home from work. I’m currently listening to December of 05 but downloaded up to September of 06. Just wondering how long it might be before, I can get september, October, November and so on.

    1. No word on finish date. I am working alone to get all of the podcasts updated, and working the fastest I can. If I gave you a final date, i’d be lying to you 🙁 I appreciate your patience and continued support!

  7. Hi everyone! I’m new here but wow- what an amazing website! I’m looking for a specific show (where a woman left an accidental voicemail singing to her dog) from around December 2016. If there is any way someone can help me find this to relive the day I almost crashed because I laughed so hard while driving, I would appreciate it so much!

  8. Hi Dan! I was wondering if you still have archives from your show on WMMR from 2007? Specifically, I am looking for the episode after the Sopranos series finale in which Steve sang and parody of Don’t Stop Believin’- he sang, “took a midnight train to get onnnnn-ionnn riiiiings”
    Do you remember this?? Please let me know how I can find this!! Thank you!!

      1. Dan!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! I listened to the whole thing this morning at work and was CRACKING UP!!! I am SO impressed that you found this- THANK YOU and thanks for letting me know about the search tool as well!!! :):):)
        Forever grateful!!! 🙂

        1. It is my genuine pleasure.

          I am finally getting caught up! Thanks so much for the support and patience 🙂

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