December 3, 2022

I just posted the first video for the new video section. While it took longer than expected the first posted video the is complete Kill Casey DVD. Every video will have the ability to be downloaded and have been formatted to work on most devices. If anyone has any issues please let me know.

1 thought on “Video Section Open

  1. I got really scared, P&S started a whole 6 minutes late today! I didn't know if they were not coming in, or if someone was hurt, or what!

    But my grandma always said, "Better late than pregnant."

    I need to calm down. They're waking up at three in the morning to bring us this comedy gold. If they need to be 6 minutes late, I can give that to them. I could even see me being okay if they were 8 or 9 minutes late.

    Love your site, and love Preston and Steve almost as much as you do.

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