December 5, 2022

News…Bratty Kids…Mark Curry in Studio…Between two ferns…Brothers of Flight 93 in studio…Bizarre File…Justin Long…Hollywood Trash…Music News…wrap up

[audio: Feed (09.02.10).mp3|titles=Daily Feed (09.02.10)|artists=WMMR’s Preston and Steve]
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1 thought on “Daily Feed (09.02.10)

  1. Steve and Casey’s harmonious “AAAH!” makes its debut in this episode. Man…I did NOT think I’d ever find this one. Ever. It only came to prominence when a listener sent in a bunch of “Steve clips” in early September of 2011, and this precious little nugget was among them. At the time, I figured it could have come from anywhere, and the likelihood of me finding it among the hundreds of podcasts was remote…especially considering that I could theoretically have listened to the source podcast BEFORE September 2011 and missed it, not knowing that a drop was being born. The Drop Origin gods smiled upon me though, and the result is the uncovered origin of what has become a standard P&S drop. Find it at 1:11:01 during the Bizarre File.

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