March 26, 2023

News…Academy Awards Recap…Bizarre File….Charlie Sheen Interview from The Today Show…Bill Burr Interview and Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes Interview…Bizarre File…Hollywood Trash and Music News…Wrap up

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1 thought on “Daily Feed (02.28.11)

  1. The Drunk Guy Clips start at 1:29:34. They include “…aaaaand I’ll tell ya why!” “Friggin…exxxxplosion!” “My fffffather said ‘What the heck was that?'” You know them…take a listen.

    Charlie Sheen Clips segment at 1:39:44. Too many to count, and you know them all. They make their Preston and Steve debut here.

    A word in defense of my native Scranton: Despite claims to the contrary, the Drunk Guy is NOT from Scranton. Upon further research, I discovered that this articulate gentleman is from Hazleton. Hazleton is far enough away from Scranton that we can legitimately disavow any and all association with inebriated, possibly racist idiots like this. To be sure, there are any number of people who would give my beloved Electric City a bad name if caught on camera. This would hold true for ANY city, Philadelphia included. To their great credit, Preston and Steve are very even-handed when poking fun at the citizenry of various locales, and Philadelphia is no exception. However, in this particular case, Scranton must be given a mulligan. To the guy who opined that the Drunk Guy was a fair representation of the average Scrantonian: I respectfully dissent.

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