December 9, 2022

Created by Craig Liggeons, please visit  Check out the statement below

For many years the Black music listener had to keep their love for Rock music on the downlow fearing that they would be ridiculed by their homeboys and homegirls.
Because of such statements as, “Why you listenin’ to that?” and “Oh, you think you’re white!” the Black Rock listener had to go to and go through the Musical Underground Railroad just to get a taste of Ozzy, Metallica, Kiss,Foo Fighters, and many more.
But with the help of 5 White radio DJs, who overcame radio industry oppression and clawed their way to superstardom, doors were opened for the Rock thirsty listeners of color.
In 2008, a Black Listener named CRAIG LIGGEONS had an idea. He created a song to pay tribute to the long suffering Black Listeners of The Preston & Steve Show.
“I’m a Black Listna” was an instant hit and anthem.
Not long afterwards another Black Listener had a dream. A dream to see the life of Black Listeners celebrated. That Black Listener is WANDA P. HAYWOOD. With the help of those 5 White DJs, Wanda & Craig were able to make that dream a reality, and “The Preston & Steve Black Listna Party” was born.
In 2011 we celebrated the 3rd Annual Black Listna Party which continues to grow and entertain thousands of fellow listeners.
We would like to Thank Preston Elliot, Steve Morrison, Casey Foster, Nick McIlwain, Kathy Romano, and the entire WMMR Team for being our Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie by adopting us long suffering minority radio listeners just looking to be loved and accepted.

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