Daily Feed (11.22.11)

News… Blending Pies…Jason Segel, Bizarre File… Carter’s Poem, Five in Ten… Jon Dorenbos with Mystery Eagle Kurt Coleman… Tattoosday, Bizarre File… Hollywood Trash, Music News… Wrap Up!

[audio:http://prestonandstevearchives.com/2011/11-Nov/Daily Feed (11.22.11).mp3|titles=Daily Feed (11.22.11)|artists=WMMR’s Preston and Steve]
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  1. Bill says:

    Man About Town Bill Weston joins in the Drop Origin fun. Trying desperately to describe the musical stylings of Dubstep, Bill makes a sound that can only be described as…BuhbuhbuhbuhBUHBUH. Once you hear it you’ll know the one I’m talking about. Find it at 2:21:48 during Music News.

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