FOR THE RECORD, has recently changed their podcasts to Chapters. Here at this site, I will be uploading the podcasts as they used to be, as one file, in order in one Daily Feed. Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

  1. Fantastic! New podcast format is a PITA…

    I don’t imagine you have plans for a RSS feed with the all-glued-together MP3s that you guys are uploading, do you? Rather than having to come and download ’em manually… If so, think you could post a link? 🙂

    In any case, thanks for doing what you guys do!

  2. You guys are the ones that rock. A donation is headed your way! Maybe Bill Weston will realize the error of his ways when the iTunes subscription numbers dwindle.

  3. I very much applaud your decision to do this, I’ll be doing all my podcast downloading from here now, rather than I wish they’d have the full magilla AND chapters, doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard. Oh well, appreciate everything you do & thanks for the wise decision!

  4. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you….. I have voiced my opinion on the matter to Mr. Weston and others over and WMMR about the decision to change. I had been subscribing to the podcast since roughly 2005 here in Indiana, and the new format change was infuriating enough to lead me to reluctantly unsubscribe. Now that I’ve found your feed I’m back in buisness… Thanks a ton!

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